MAFROOSHAT LULU AL KHALIJ Home furnishings, local made bedroom sets, Senior and Junior Bedroom Sets, upholstery bedroom sets, Cupboards, Beds, Dressers, Side Tables, Sofa sets and L Sofa sets, Curtains, Center Tables, …

Upholestry beds
Full fabric beds

Can be made of Fabric, Makhmal, PVC, … with different colors and designs


Cupboards are designed and made based on room and space. They can be normal from one door to any quantity (20-30 doors) standard or double (up and down doors) or L shape (90 degree doors) or corner style (45 degree doors) 

Wall Decorations
Sticked to the wall

Wall Decorations are in different sizes from 1.5 meter up to 10 meters in width and from 1.5 meter to 3.5 meter in height

Bedroom Sets
Bed plus Dresser and Side Tables

Bedroom sets are bed(s) which usually come with a dresser and two side tables although you can customize as you like and even add cupboards to your set